Friday, June 17, 2011


Hello Friends and Family.

Today, June 17, 2011 is the official deadline for getting our funds in to go on our Outreach to Peru and Bolivia. It also the deadline for the other Outreach team that is planning to go to El Salvador and Honduras.

Thanks to you guys, as well as PCC’s mission team and God’s provision, I have been able to raise enough money to pay for the next few months of my life. While I have reached my goal, there are still others on my team and the other team who have not. I don’t know who these people are specifically…I know there is at least one staff worker, and several students…but our leaders have communicated to us that collectively we have not reached our goal.

Next week is our last week of Lecture Phase, before we transition into our Outreach. Thankfully, we spend the first three weeks of outreach locally, in Costa Rica, before we leave. Please pray for our last efforts to raise funds. Pray for generosity from people’s friends and families and churches back home. Pray that we who have the means could also give generously. If you could also pray about donating to YWAM so everyone is able to go on this adventure God has called us to, that would be wonderful as well.

I can’t believe how close we are to moving out to our mission. I feel like I’ve only just arrived. Pray for the Lord to prepare our hearts this final week.

If you feel led to donate to YWAM, you can put the money in my paypal account via the link below. I can transfer the funds to my bank and write a check to the base. Please email me if the link below doesn’t work.

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