Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ven Conmigo pt 2

Was this even possible? This idea of mine seemed simply too perfect to actually be doable. I was sure that there had to be something wrong with transferring credits from two different systems. After speaking to two different counselors from both community colleges, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this was not the case. It didn't matter, they would accept the credits.

So, that was good news. But would I even be able to go finish my general education at Foothill? I was dangerously close to failing my math class, which was a prerequisite for my final requirements of Statistics and Chemistry. I had fallen to a D, and I found myself really worrying that I would have to take this class for a fourth time. I talked to my professor, and asked if I had a chance to bring my grade up. He said it was totally possible, I would just have to work a lot harder than I had been that semester. My prayer had now changed to "if you want me to go, help me pass my math class." So I started going to tutoring, and I was able to bring my grade up to a high C. I passed my class. I could now take my final requirements.

Would I get into the classes I needed? I got into my Statistics class, but I was put on the wait-list for Chemistry. Not only that, but I was number 15 of 18 of the excess students. On the first day, every single person showed up, including the entire wait-list. The second day was no more promising, for only one person had dropped from the class, which only bumped me up one spot. By this point, I was very discouraged, and almost gave up. That weekend, however, I was convicted by Autumn Buzzel's testimony about her calling to Ghana. She reminded me that God's calling on our lives is made complete in obedience and perseverance. While she felt called to Ghana, she had to respond to that call and go. She had to contact people in Africa, she had to get her visa, get her immunizations, raise her funds, quit her job...and God was with her through all of it. I decided that following Monday to keep going to the class.

After two long, anxious hours of Chemistry, I approached my professor. Once again, she said, there didn't seem to be any room for me. Even though I was now the only person left on the wait-list, no one else had dropped. The class was completely full, she told me. More than full, actually, due to a lack of lab drawers for those who were enrolled. As she told me all of this, my heart sunk. I supposed my time would come later.

Before I could even think about leaving, my professor told me that she had decided to reward my patience, and enroll me in the class despite the crowded roster. She handed me an add code, and I preceded to cry tears of joy and laugh at the top of my lungs all the way home. This idea of mine had now become a feasible plan, and I took this as a final confirmation that I was now on my way to Central America.

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