Thursday, August 25, 2011

Layover in Lima and Cruising through Cuzco

How refreshing to step off the plane into such chilly weather! I was reminded of our winter back home in the Bay Area; thick clouds over heard, a little breezy and around 60 degrees. We got to Lima expecting to leave the next day for Cuzco, but we found out our bus got canceled. So we ended up staying an extra day.

This unexpected change of plans gave us some time to walk the streets and pray for God’s leading again. This time around, my friends and I were able to feed and pray for the homeless. Our “layover” also gave us time to hang out with a British girl named Beth, who was heading to up to Ecuador, a Dutch girl named Maaike who had just arrived to Peru to travel for the summer. It was cool, because they both were alone in Lima, so we were able to show love to them by inviting them to be apart of what we were doing.

So we took the 22 hour bus ride from Lima to Cuzco. It was an overnight bus, and when we woke up the next day, we were all feeling horribly sick from the altitude change. We had ascended almost 4000 meters in less than a day. When we got to Cuzco, we found out that our contacts there weren’t prepared for us, so we prayed and decided to go to Bolivia first, and come back to Cuzco later.

While our leaders were buying our bus tickets, they called us from the station to inform us that all the Americans had to purchase a $140 visa to enter the country, which was an unexpected expense of $420 our team had to raise in 15 minutes. None of the Americans had the money themselves, but we felt like God wanted us to go anyway so we prayed about giving to one another.

Everyone who felt lead to give submitted an anonymous amount of money, and it turned out to be exactly the amount we needed.

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